Elizabeth with her family – husband, Joey (college golf coach and grill master), Lucy (softball star and singing sensation), and Oliver (book lover and engineer-in-training).

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Maxon.

If you are feeling weary or overwhelmed.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  Sometimes we know our souls need tending, but we have NO idea where to begin or if a more peaceful way of life is even possible.

Good news.  It is!

I’m just a regular wife and homeschooling mom who tries to make sure everyone gets fed, and at least occasionally brushes their teeth.  But, over the years, as my own soul began withering away, I began to wonder if this ‘abundant life’ I heard so much talk about was just unattainable in certain seasons.  Seasons like starting a new job, or nursing a baby, or potty training preschoolers, or facing any kind of challenge.  Ugh!  It seemed there was NO good season! 

But I can be a bit stubborn sometimes, so I kept looking and hoping.  In my searching, God led me to many wise and kind voices who showed me a way out of that frantic, hurried way of life and

into a more spacious place.  

I have filled my toolbox with contemplative practices that have transformed the quality of my life and my relationships like nothing else ever could, because, ultimately, they have led to a more connected relationship with God himself.  

The Breathing Room is the space where I share these tools with you and we live out a more peaceful and purposeful life together.

If you’re here, I have a feeling you care about the condition of your soul.  I have a feeling you really do desire to be spiritually transformed and live from a place of peace but…

you just 




to get there.

Grab my hand.  I will show you the way.


Here’s what I know:

from a healthy, well-tended soul, blooms an abundant life.  

And regular spiritual practices are the tools to get that garden growing.

I created The Breathing Room to give you the tools and teach you how to use them.  I’ve also cultivated a safe, kind community (completely separate from social media) where we can utilize these tools together each week and encourage one another on the journey.

The Breathing Room really is

a gym membership for your soul!

We invest so much time and energy to tend to our bodies and our minds, but what are we doing for our souls – the wellspring of our being?  I want to help you prioritize the tending of your soul and show you how to release the things that weigh you down, so you can receive the things that will lift you up. I’m so glad you’re here.



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BUT, if you are ready for a more enduring way to live with peace and purpose, our membership community is for you! 

Inside this cozy little community, you will find Book Clubs, Weekly LIVE Soul Care Practices with me, an interactive community, training sessions, and so much more. In TBR, we prioritize

flowers on our kitchen counters


scripture on our bedside tables. 

If you are a woman who longs to live rested and refreshed (even in the middle of the madness),

we are your people.


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I have really seen my patience level and my desire to engage with my family increase since I joined The Breathing Room! I have been so inspired to create more space in my life to hear from God.


For so long I have craved more quiet, meditative time with God, but could never seem to find it on my own. The Breathing Room helped me to prioritize that time - to block out the noise and truly listen to Him.


Elizabeth has introduced me to new ways of experiencing Jesus and created an environment of vulnerability and acceptance. She facilitates great discussions where everyone's thoughts and experiences are valued.